7 questions about greenhouse ventilation

The Importance of Vertical Air Movement in a Greenhouse

7 vragen over kasventilatie

Ventilation in a greenhouse is an important aspect of a good product. We have already been able to help many entrepreneurs with an optimal greenhouse climate. To provide you with more information about our product and services, we have listed the most frequently asked questions about greenhouse ventilation:

  1. Why choose for screen ventilation?

If there is too much moisture in the greenhouse under the screens, for example due to evaporation from the plant, a screen fan can positively influence the climate with a natural process.

  1. How does a screen ventilator work?

By blowing colder and drier air from the space above the screen into the greenhouse, an exchange of air occurs. The ventilation rate determines at what difference you can apply the system.

The screens are made to let humid air pass through. This way a better climate is created underneath the screen.

  1. How does the climate computer know when the Jets should be on or off?

The screen ventilation is controlled by the climate computer. The temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are measured at various locations. When the set condition is met, the Jets will turn on.

  1. Why does condensation happen?
By drawing in colder air, the Jets becomes cold. The more humid ambient air will condense on the surface of the installation. The VentilationJet is equipped with a collection gutter and drain to prevent dripping on the crop.
  1. Can I keep my screens fully closed?

Yes, if you purchase our VentilationJet system®, you can keep your screens completely closed. This saves you a lot of energy and prevents temperature differences through screen gaps.

  1. How many screen fans do I need per hectare?

The exact number depends on your crop, your environment and the number of screens. We can calculate the required number for you. In the vicinity of the Netherlands, tomato cultivation needs about 20 Jets per hectare.

  1. Why does the VentilationJet system® consist of Jets and vertical recirculation fans (HinovaFan)?

We use the HinovaFan to properly mix the air blown in. The mixed air is then recirculated through the crop. So not over it, but through it. This greatly improves the microclimate of the plant.


Have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, our specialists are happy to help.