Hinova presents two new innovations at GreenTech Trade Show

If you are familiar with Hinova, chances are that you know us about our vertical ventilation systems. However, as ‘tech geeks’ we are also working on other developments for greenhouses behind the scenes . “How can we make it easier for the horticultural entrepreneur.” is the question that drives us every day and has brought two new products in the field of sensor technology. Sensors are the senses of a glass garden. These measuring instruments influence the automation and you want it to be as accurate as possible, and keep it that way. You can read more about our related products below. and How you can receive free entrance tickets for Greentech 2019 in the RAI in Amsterdam.

PAR Calibration Source

PAR sensors measure the amount of µmol per second in a specific part of the light spectrum that benefits the plant for photosynthesis. However, this sensor is very sensitive and wears after prolonged exposure to light. With an inaccurate measurement as a result. This sensor must then be sent out for calibration or replaced. Exchanging it for maintenance ensures a lot of unnecessary work. Our PAR calibration source is a light source which gives a very constant PAR value. If you place this over the sensor, you can compare the value that comes in on the climate computer, and then correct the deviation with just a few mouse clicks. This saves you a lot of work and the sensor can go along for another round.


Multifunctional Wireless Sensor

In greenhouse horticulture, several companies are looking for accurate sensors for the greenhouse. Our sensor can also measure CO2 in addition to temperature and humidity. The values ​​are sent over the wireless network to the climate computer or server. Unique to this product is that it communicates over the existing network of the VentilationJet system. The combination of moving air and reliable components ensure an accurate measurement.


Greentech 2019

You will also find us again this year in the RAI in Amsterdam between 11 and 13 June during Greentech. In addition to our fans, you can also take a look here at our aforementioned developments. We are of course ready for all your questions, so ask them. Don’t have access tickets yet? then you can get it here for free. You can find us this year at booth number 08.109