Optimal greenhouse ventilation for strawberry cultivation

Greenhouse ventilation is the answer to many of the challenges you face in strawberry cultivation. With an optimal greenhouse climate you prevent condensation on the fruits and all unpleasant consequences such as fungi and other diseases. In this way it ensures a drier and more active crop and thus a healthy and resilient product. How we can help you with this? We are happy to tell you.

Result of crop condensation

If there is condensation on the plant, the plant will no longer be able to evaporate. The air around the leaves is saturated with moisture. This means that there is no supply of fresh nutrients. In addition, the condensation is a breeding ground for fungi such as Botrytis. These can more easily penetrate and infect the plant tissue.

All advantages at a glance

  • Less condensation problems due to more air movement
  • Always an optimal greenhouse climate
  • 3D air movement through the crop
  • Save on energy costs by lowering the minimum pipe temperature

Current experiences speak for themselves

Several strawberry growers have already preceded you. One of the growers we have already been able to help is Cox strawberries in Horst. The results say it all: “We are very satisfied with the HinovaFan. We grow more generatively, we have a stable climate which ensures an active plant. Since using the HinovaFan we have noticed that we have a more active crop, we have a higher water absorption. ”

Greenhouse ventilation for strawberry cultivation: subsidy possible

Investing in sustainability and greenhouse ventilation does not have to be a complicated and expensive cost item. Do you also want an optimal greenhouse climate and enjoy all the benefits of our smart systems? Then contact us today. We are happy to help you.