Hinova founder transfers activities to new owner

Berkel en Rodenrijs – Henk van der Meer says farewell as inventor / owner on 1 July and he transfers work from Hinova to Hans Weisbeek.

Henk founded Hint Installatietechniek over 25 years ago. Around 2012, Hint focused on a development that was later called “The New Cultivation”.

Bringing in outside air in combination with multiple and denser screens introduced a new approach to climate control, in which the plant and physical insights play an important role.

The VentilationJet System® was created through collaboration with enthusiastic researchers and consultants. Hinova was established for these and other developments.

“We produce an innovative ventilation system for the greenhouse horticultural entrepreneur of the future. We continue to develop and sell the system because we have great confidence in the product. Our first focus is to expand the distribution network.” Hans Weisbeek said.

From 1th of July, 2019 the challenge for further design of Hinova and its products is in his hands.